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  Current Conditions at WVI
Last Updated: 2018-07-23 06:00 PT
Winds:    Calm
Visibility:   10 Miles
Sky:    Sky Clear
Temp:    13° C (55° F)
Dew Pt:    12° C (53° F)
Altimeter:    30.07 in. Hg

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Testing & Instruction


Ocean Air is a LaserGrade (PSI) testing facility.

LaserGrade, with secure computer-based testing centers across the United States and Canada, is the largest United States owned and operated network in North America. Headquartered in Vancouver. Washington, LaserGrade offers proctored computer-based testing administration for occupational and professional licensure and certification, IT certification and the Federal Aviation Administration using its own secure network and software. For lower stakes testing, such as practice tests, pre-tests or after-tests, candidates may test via any computer by logging on to LaserGrade's secure web-browser. (Text taken from LaserGrade website)

Conveniently located, Ocean Air Flight Services offers LaserGrade testing Monday through Friday. We provide not only all of your FAA testing needs, we also offer tests for the following sponsors: FCC, FSP, CET, NIC, NBP, LNA, CBO, WLI, and ACF.

Call the LaserGrade registration line to schedule your test: 1-800-211-2754

Instruction is provided by the Santa Cruz Flying Club.

Here are some questions most prospective pilots ask:

  • What does it cost to learn to fly?
  • What are the requirements to obtain a private pilot license?
  • What are the requirements to obtain a sport pilot license?
  • What airplane will I learn in?
  • How do I get started?

  • What does it cost to learn to fly?back to top
    Some costs of obtaining your pilot certificate will be the same at any school; an FAA medical exam (not required for the sport pilot license), books and supplies, written test fee, and the practical examiner's fee. These items will total approximately $650.

    Other coats are more variable, such as the cost of renting the training aircraft, and the actual instruction cost. At a minimum, the FAA requires 20 hours of dual instruction and 40 hours of flight time for a Private Pilot certificate (20 hours for the Sport Pilot certification). Although some students do obtain their certificate in the minimum amount of time, the average is 50-60 hours (or about half that for Sport Pilot).

    This usually equates to between $4,000 and $5,000 for a Sport Pilot certificate, and between $8,000 and $9,000 for a Private Pilot certificate. Training more often (e.g., three times a week vs. once a week) can greatly help to reduce the overall time and expense in obtaining your pilot's license.

    What are the requirements to obtain a private pilot license?back to top
  • You must be at least 17 years of age to be eligible for your private pilot certificate. You can begin flight training before your 17th birthday, however.
  • You need to obtain an FAA medical certificate from an FAA approved doctor. We know the approved doctors in this area and will provide you with their names.
  • You must be able to read and understand the English language. English is the language of flight communications around the world.
  • You will need at least 40 hours flying the aircraft. At least 20 hours must be with a Certified Flight Instructor, and a least 10 hours must be solo flight time including a cross country flight of 150 nautical miles or more.
  • You will need to pass an examination consisting of multiple choice questions on various aviation topics including navigation, weather, communications, and airplane systems. You'll take this test after extensive dual and ground instruction and after studying the appropriate reference books. The questions won't be difficult when you and your instructor agree that you're ready to take the test. You'll take the test at Ocean Air's on site LaserGrade facility.
  • You must successfully pass a practical test flying your aircraft with an FAA examiner. This is the "final exam". You will practice the specific tasks and maneuvers for this test until you and your flight instructor are comfortable that you will be completely successful.

  • What are the requirements to obtain a sport pilot license?back to top
    To get your sport pilot license you need these minimum requirements:
  • ID - passport OR certified copy of birth certificate and drivers license.
  • 16 years old to solo
  • 17 years old to receive a sport pilot certificate.
  • Have a valid drivers license.
  • Pass the written Sport Pilot Knowledge Test.
  • Minimum 20 hrs of flight time.
  • Pass the practical Final Flight Exam ("Checkride").

  • What airplane will I learn in?back to top
    Ocean Air offers late model (2000 and 2001 model year) high-wing and low-wing aircraft for private pilot training. For sport pilot training, we have brand new Tecnam light sport aircraft (LSA's) available. For more details and photos, please visit our aircraft fleet page.

    How do I get started?back to top
    This is the easy part. Just come on in or give us a call. We'll match you up with one of our Certified Flight Instructors and show you the various aircraft available for training. After a brief orientation, you'll climb into the pilot's seat of the aircraft of your choice for an introductory flight. During your very first flight, you will do most of the flying under the guidance of your CFI. We also periodically offer groundschool classes, in which you will learn all the material needed to pass your FAA written exam. To find out when the next groundschool class starts, please give us a call at 763-0290.

    TECNAM Flight Center Training Materials on the iPad

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