Tecnam aircraft

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Tecnam aircraft

Postby nick » Mon Jan 04, 2010 2:18 pm


Happy New Year!
Could you give an update on the Tecnam acquisition and how long until we see the aircraft and your estimate as to when we can start getting trained on flying it?


PS: By the way, I must tell you that Deanna (spelling?) who works there on weekends is a breath of fresh air compared to the gentleman that used to be there. She is engaging, friendly and shows that she cares about customer satisfaction, give her a raise!

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Re: Tecnam aircraft

Postby gryphon » Wed Jan 27, 2010 12:55 pm


Thanks as always for the feedback.

The TECNAM P92 Eaglet is now available at an introductory rate of $98/hr!

We will be getting a TECNAM Sierra P2002 in February, which is a full glass panel and will rent for a little more.

These are beautiful new demonstrator aircraft.

BTW, if you have ((positive!?)) feedback, please give us a review on AirNav.com !!!
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Tecnam Aircraft Distributor

Postby gryphon » Fri Mar 26, 2010 1:58 pm

Exciting News!

Ocean Air Flight Services has partnered with West Coast Sport Aircraft, Inc. to be the first Tecnam authorized Service Center in California.

Even better, besides the P92 Eaglet and P2002 Sierra ( yes, the Sierra we got back in February is a beauty with it's AF-4500 glass panel! ) we will be getting the newest Tecnam LSA, the P2008 in June or July!!!

The P2002 Sierra is available as of April for $115/hour.

Come by our Open House on April 3rd and check it out! (or sooner, if you have the chance)
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Re: Tecnam aircraft

Postby gryphon » Thu Aug 12, 2010 1:02 pm


Tecnam Flight Center established in Northern California
Tecnam Aircraft establishes a Flight Center in the San Francisco Bay area.

Oshkosh, WI, July 29, 2010 . Today at AirVenture 2010, Tecnam North America announced Ocean Air Flight Services, Inc., a California flight school located in the San Francisco Bay area, among the first of its Tecnam Flight Centers.

"I love the fact that Tecnam Flight Center training materials have been developed for the iPad as well as for more traditional content delivery mechanisms.", announced Gryphon McArthur, general manager of Ocean Air Flight Services. "Our student pilots will greatly benefit from materials tailored to our Tecnam P92 Eaglet light sport aircraft and the specific requirements for obtaining the sport pilot license.", McArthur continued.

"By providing ground school and flight lesson courseware via interactive, mobile data platforms such as the Apple iPad, Tecnam Flight Centers can offer a real advantage over traditional flight training programs.., says Ray Swanson, V.P. of Distribution for Tecnam North America, .As an established Tecnam Service Center, we are very happy to have Ocean Air Flight Services sign on as one of the first of our Tecnam Flight Centers."

Ocean Air joins a growing network of recently announced Tecnam Flight Centers utilizing Tecnam light sport aircraft (LSA) for their Sport Pilot and Private Pilot training.

For more information on flight training in Tecnam light sport aircraft, visit http://www.tecnam.net/Training.php or http://www.oceanairflightservices.com. With more than 60 years experience and 3,000 aircraft flying worldwide, the Italian manufacturer Costruzioni Aeronautiche TECNAM is well known in Europe, and has renewed its sales efforts in the U.S. LSA market. A fleet chart of its various aircraft models can be found at http://www.tecnam.com

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